Battery upgrade

LiFePo 100 Ah battery (2×50 Ah) with a mounting device in a Backs box.

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Equipment details

Do you want to remain self-sufficient for longer? Then the battery upgrade is just right for your SEALANDER.

Wattstunde lithium batteries are significantly lighter, safer and more efficient than conventional lead batteries. The weight of the 100 Ah battery in the compound is only 13.6 kg. A comparable lead-acid battery (960 Wh usable capacity in practice) weighs 50 kg. This corresponds to a weight saving of over 60

In addition, the high number of cycles enables a long service life, even with comparatively large discharge depths. That is why smartphones, notebooks, e-bikes and many other devices are based on lithium battery systems nowadays.

This upgrade offers an ideal combination to our electric motors as well as the solar panel to be prepared for long trips on the one hand and to meet all ecological requirements on the waters on the other hand. So you are not only self-sufficient, but also environmentally conscious on your adventures on the road


Product information

  • High energy density with low weight
  • LIX50 – 50 Ah lithium corresponds to conventional 80 Ah battery
  • One-for-one interchangeable with conventional lead-acid batteries
  • Up to 80% usable capacity without deep discharge
  • Double effectiveness with over 60% weight savings compared to AGM
  • Built-in BMS with protection function for controlled energy flows
  • Number of cycles > 3000
  • Sealed maintenance free battery

Technical data (1 x 50 Ah)

  • 50 Ah nominal capacity
  • Max. Discharge current: 50 A (600 Watt) 30 min
  • Rated voltage: 12.8 V
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 196 x 165 x 180 mm
  • LiFePO4
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Battery terminal screw M6