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Solar mat from WATTSTUNDE 180 Watt


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Equipment details

Comfortability is a must with the SEALANDER, even in water operation. To remain self-sufficient on the water, this optional equipment allows you to realize their needs even on long trips.

The solar mats from the innovative company WATTSTUNDE offer the solution. These have a 5 m plug & play connection cable with a practical plug system, which has an Anderson plug system at the end. Due to this practical composition, the connection can permanently hang on the charge controller. When needed, the solar bag is taken out, hung in the sun and the two Anderson mating connectors are plugged together: The power requirement is already secured. It could hardly be faster and more practical.

In addition, WATTSTUNDE solar mats feature high-quality modules with SunPower back-contact solar cells that deliver optimal results by providing high energy output.

The EcoFlow adapter cable provides the interface between the solar system and the SEALANDER’s integrated power station. The cables ensure reliable and durable operation, as well as the highest quality and safety standards the solar field.

The perfect complement to the solar mat are the 8 high-quality suction cups that you can use to attach the foldable solar panel to your SEALANDER.

Product information

  • Solar cable and solar charge controller
  • Cell efficiency above 22
  • ETFE film with high elasticity and durability
  • Splash-proof due to durable Condura fabric
  • Extremely lightweight and space saving
  • Adapter cable with Anderson connector
  • Optimal mounting on access hatch due to the included 8 suction cups
  • AK-A50-XT60 EcoFlow adapter cable
  • Anderson SB50 plug
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 Bluetooth integrated
  • 8 transparent suction cups with knurled nuts for screwingTechnicalfeatures
  • Power (Pmax): 3 x 60 Wp
  • Ø Daily yield (summer): 1080 Wh/d
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
  • Module size (closed): 820 x 440 x 20 mm
  • Module dimension (open): 820 x 1320 x 7.5 mm